Guest Speaker # 1


Carol D'Auria (from 10/10 WINS Radio) was on hand to give a talk about Dynamic Youth Community.



Dynamic is Dynamite. This youth center is dedicated to teen substance abuse giving young people a program that is tailored to their needs



Outreach Coordinator Gina Castrianni also spoke about the program at the Upstate and Brooklyn Facility. For more info call: 718 376-7923

Guest Speaker # 2


Next up we had Michael Barasch give a talk about the Victim's Compensation Fund which will expire in 2020.

Assisted by Richie Alles


Richie is a retired Deputy Chief of the FDNY and currently the Director of 9/11 Community Affairs at the  

Barasch McGarry Law Firm.

CALL 212 385-8000


Mike and Richie told everyone that skin cancer is on the rise for 9-11 First Responders and wants everyone to get screened for melanoma.

MINUTES FOR 11/27/18

Close to 60 RMA Members braved the cold and holiday traffic to hear our guest speakers. Many RMA Members were very interested in the Dynamic Youth Community which helps young people with substance abuse. Carol D'Auria of 10-10 Wins Radio gave a stirring speech in support of the program. Two RMA Members have had personal experiences with the FREE State Program. If you know anyone suffering from substance abuse give them a call at: 845 434-3370 or 718 376-7923 and they will gladly assist you.Their website can be seen by clicking on: DYCINC.ORG...Good friend Michael Barasch and retired DC Rich Alles were on hand to urge members to sign up for the Victims Compensation Fund which ends 12/18/2020. They passed out literature about the VCF and info about all the cancers affecting us now. Mike told the membership to get a full body scan at least once a year for skin cancer. For more information go to www.wtclawyers.com or call (212) 385-8000...Danny prince was there to support the Brooklyn Wall of Remembrance with the selling of Bklyn Wall Caps. Many members requested Danny to bring them...Jimmy Hayhurst then followed up with his support for Building Homes for Heroes and also reminding everyone of his count of boxes he has shipped to our overseas soldiers. Currently the box count is at 132 boxes shipped for 2018. Many members gave him donations for supplies and shipping costs...Soon the meeting was closed and everyone enjoyed the hot food and refreshments. Our next meeting will be held on February 26th, 2019 at the Elks Club in New Hyde Park. Hope to see you all there-Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year to All! SEE YA' NEXT YEAR!...